Awareness Magazine

Awareness Magazine Artist Spotlight

Awareness Magazine Artist Spotlight
(Page 13 – July / August 2010 – Awareness Magazine)

How has your personal success in the industry directly affected your salon clientele?

I believe my clients are excited about the fact that I am traveling to educate and inspire other artists. At the same time I am also being educated and motivated. I believe that in some way because of my success in the industry, my clients have a greater appreciation for the artistry that comes with this industry, as well as the importance of being an individual. I encourage this in my clients, and they do the same for me.

What does it mean for you to be a Sebastian Core Design team member?

To me, it means being committed to excellence. It is also a big responsibility to continually push your own creativity. But more so it is an honour to be a part of such an amazing group of artists that inspire you constantly, and push you to work on a much more creative level.

What would you say is your “Passion”?

What really gets me fired up is working at shows and going on stage. I just love the energy of it all. But I am also really passionate about having the ability to help someone look and feel better. It is all in the little details whether it is with a model on stage or with a client in the salon. I love what I do!

How has Sebastian Professional helped to enhance your professional career?

During my 10 year journey with Sebastian I have had many great opportunities, from workin with New York Fashion Week, to working The Future Vision tour. I have met a lot of insanely talented artists, and many of them have become very close friends of mine and my family’s. As an artist you feed off of everything around you. When so many incredibly passionate and creative individuals surround you, you can’t help but be inspired and motivated. To say Sebastian Professional has enhanced my career would be an understatement. This company has enhanced my professional career in every possible way, from the way I look at hair, to the way I look at myself as an artist.